The Lottie/ Sandstone + Black Windowpane/Plaid/Grid Embossed Leather Earrings


We love this new modern take on one of our favorite minimalist earrings!  These feature a new organic line emboss pattern that is a fun take on the current checker trend!  They have a gorgeous plaid, windowpane, grid type of pattern with imperfect lines.  These are great to dress up or down! This earring features our Sandstone leather with a shiny black emboss!

*Note*- Checkered emboss patterns can vary.  As with all foil embossed earrings, the foil can scratch off so take care of your earrings and do not rub the foil with anything that can scratch the surface. Wear of foil is normal but will last longer when handled correctly.

One Size (top to bottom):
- 2.25"

- Leather
- Cherry wood
- Black Embossing