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The Della/ Colorblock Sandstone + Olive Green Leather Statement Earrings


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*NOTE: PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION*- These new Dellas have a brand-new component on them that we are still in the midst of testing out!  We have tested them out for approximately 6 months now. Because these are new, we are offering the earrings at a lower price point while we continue to test there durability and longevity! These earrings are made with a gold coated acrylic plastic piece.  So, virtually weightless, but in the case of plating a product, we never know how long that can truly last. Environmental and wearing factors will also take into consideration for their longevity.  Using this material keeps the earring lightweight, versus metal weighing them down.  We will also note that you will see an area inside the gold pieces on the upper and bottom inner areas that appear to be a little white area, this is where the plating does not reach the links as they are linked together when coated with the gold plate. This is normal*

Our Original Della Earring is back with a new lightweight gold accent acrylic piece! We LOVE this new style so much! Featuring two rounded rectangle cut outs with gold accents, our original design is sure to turn heads! These are so incredibly lightweight, lighter than probably all of our earrings! This style is PERFECT for all face types! Super flattering and a brand new favorite in this awesome colorblock combo!

One Size (leather height):
- 2.50"

- Leather
- Plated Acrylic