Creating has always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My creative endeavors started out around the age of six. I wanted to be a fashion designer, so finding me sketching clothing and jewelry as a little girl wasn't out of the ordinary.

My desire to create didn't stop there. After getting married, I continued to pursue my passion of designing jewelry and accessories. It was just a part of me that I couldn't let go of. I made and sold headbands, bridal accessories, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and even teething necklaces. I have always loved designing things that I could call my own and be my own creation. If it was something I could make myself, that's exactly what I did! I have always found true joy in using my own hands to create my own unique accessories.

After discovering a love for leather and all of it's endless possibilities, I decided to create my own leather earrings.

Even though leather earrings have been around for many, many years (my mom jokes about her leather jewelry she wore in the 70's ;), what I had envisioned were styles unlike any other earrings on the market, not just an average shape. When I started this business, there were no DIY's for leather earrings like you can so easily find today. There were no exclusive, interesting shapes to be found on the market anywhere.  You could find feathered boho leather earrings or teardrops, that was basically it!   I did not want to fit in that category, I wanted to create something that was part of me, what I saw as unique + individual to my own style and taste.  I have been a statement earring wearing gal most of my life, and I never wore the same shape.  That was the hardest part starting this brand, I brought things to the table that were new and unexpected, so it was a slow start trying to convince people to try something new and step out of their comfort zones, a quote I used over and over to encourage women to try something unfamiliar.  I exclusively designed every shape in my shop by hand that were then designed on computer software to create seamless, perfect, lines.

I dreamt up and sketched out shapes that were set apart from other companies that really had people stepping out of their comfort zones from so called "basic" shapes that they may have already been used to. I didn't want to be known for a common shape that you could just pick up at any store. The Petal was born in my early beginnings, the shape we are so well known for today, as well as so many other unconventional designs. 

As years have gone by, we have continued to be a leader and inspirer in earring designs, where you'll find many other small and larger brands using our original pieces.  Unfortunately, we cannot control that aspect of our business, and we hope you choose to shop with artisans who are original creators of their craft.  We try to take the imitation as a compliment as best as we can. ;)

As my business slowly took off in what was a very limited market at the time, I would receive the same compliment over and over from my customers. I was always told "Your earrings are unlike any other leather earrings I've ever seen!" With that affirmation and continued support from customers, my business continued to slowly grow.

Nearly 7 years later, we have an ever-growing selection of earring styles to choose from and are a leader in our craft. Even though the leather earring industry has become extremely saturated, we still strive to make new and original earrings for our customers. That is what we are known for after all!

I run this business by myself, but that doesn't mean I am lacking help from some of the most important people in my life! Brinley, whom is 9, is already taking after her mama and loves to sketch earrings and clothing. She is a huge helper when she isn't in school and loves to help me in the office whenever she can! Our little Everly is now almost 5, and she is home with me every day. She loves to put labels on packages, put earrings on cards, and pack them as well! Greyson's first word was "leather" and he enjoys helping mommy organize in the office! He is now 7!  Every order is packed with extra love, not just by my two hands.

My husband, Jon, is also a huge support for me as he helps with anything he possibly can when time allows. My mom has been by my side through each little creative business I've had, and definitely one of my biggest fans. I have the best team surrounding me and we love that it gets to be a little family owned business that helps provide for us as a family. We truly thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to shop here with us. You are supporting our family, and that we are so very grateful for!